K of C Notice 2-1-2015


February 1, 2015


All Brother Knights of Counsel 1769, do your best to respond to this message.


Your counsel will be holding a 1st Degree Works next Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 7pm.

Now is your opportunity to bring in a new member.  You know at least one man out there that should join.


When a man joins the Knights of Columbus it’s a win for everyone:

for him, for his family, for his church and for his community.


Contact one of the following with your prospects:


Jim Reitz 785-294-2654

Mike Steinlage 785-799-5777

Kirby Schmelzle 785-213-5787

Greg Kohake 785-294-1335

Shawn Kramer 785-294-0839


If you are able, please come to the 1st degree ceremony to show your support as a current member.


Thank you,

Jim Reitz, Grand Knight of Counsel 1769


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