2015 SPPS Trivia Night Rules and Regulations

Trivia Night Rules and Regulations


  1. There will be 10 trivia categories with 10 questions per category.
  2. Each team should designate a “recorder” to write down the team’s answers.

(There will be a team packet on your table when you arrive)

  1. The Emcee will announce the topic of the category at the beginning of each round.
  2. The Emcee will read the question 2 times. The teams will have 30 seconds to brainstorm together and select the best answer for the question. The team recorder will write down the teams answer on the corresponding answer sheet.  At the end of each round, each team will have an additional 60 seconds to answer any questions that may not have been answered during the round.
  3. Members of the Trivia Committee will collect the answer sheets after each round. Once all sheets are collected, the Emcee will announce the correct answer to each question.
  4. Answers from each team will be scored and tallied by the trivia committee. The committee has the final say.  A scoreboard will be displayed to show the current team rankings after each round.
  5. After the final round, all final scores will be tallied and prizes awarded to the teams with the 3 highest scores of the evening.


***NO cell phones or electronic devices of any kind may be used during the game. If a team is found to be using such a device, that team will be disqualified. There will be a basket on each table to hold your phones during the game.***




When your team gets in a pinch and just cannot come up with an answer to a trivia question they can purchase “mulligans”.  Mulligans will be sold in a pack of 10 for $20.00.  When necessary you may place a mulligan sticker on your answer sheet and it will be counted as a correct answer.  Only 10 mulligans total may be used over the entire 10 rounds of play so choose wisely!




50/50 Game  – All parties stand up and take out a $1 bill.  They put the dollar bill on their head either “heads” or “tails”.  The Emcee will flip a coin and state if it is heads or tails.  Those who get it wrong lose their dollar bills and sit down.  Those who are correct stay standing.  The game continues until one person is left standing. The winner splits the pot 50/50 with the school. We will play this game twice in between trivia rounds so bring some cash to play and hopefully win!


Costumes & Themed Tables – this is optional participation.  Each team can come dressed in costumes and/or dress their table up in a theme!  The trivia committee and other teams will vote on the best costumes and/or themed tables and that team will win $100!! This is a great way to show off your creativity!


Team Table Set-Up


Doors will open at 6:30 pm so teams can arrive and setup their tables prior to the evenings start.  The PTO will have water or tea to drink and popcorn.  The rest of the drinks and snacks are up to you!  Here’s what you can bring:


  1. Alcohol – you many bring in coolers that have wine, beer, whiskey or other spirits.
  2. Setups – don’t forget the setups for your drinks
  3. Ice – make sure you bring a cooler of ice to keep your drinks cold.
  4. Food – bring your favorite dips & chips, snack food, meat/cheese tray and veggie trays, etc. You need fuel for your brain!
  5. Supplies – don’t forget to bring solo cups, napkins, forks, spoons, etc. to eat and drink with. It’s basically tailgating inside a building tonight folks!


So, we ask you to come, HAVE FUN, test your trivia knowledge, and spend a night out with family and friends!  We hope you are excited…we can’t wait!

The Trivia Night Committee

Jill Hammes
Katie Nordhus
Briana Uphaus

2015 Trivia Night Registration Form


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