2014 SPPS Teacher Christmas Wish List Event

The SPPS PTO is proud to host the 2nd Annual Teacher Christmas Wish List event.  We have asked each teacher to list their current needs/wants in the classroom.  This project provides a way for families & the parish community to express their gratitude and support for our teachers.  The event will run for the next 4 weeks from December 7th – 31st.   If you would like to participate in this event here are some guidelines to follow:

  • We have established an event coordinator for your convenience. Jill Hammes, PTO President, will be your point of contact. Her contact information is as follows:

Cell Phone: 785-294-1360 Home Phone: 785-334-2448 Email: jjhammes@hotmail.com

Please contact Jill if you have any of the following needs:

  • Any questions regarding the event
  • You would like to purchase a specific item off a teacher’s wish list. She will be able to tell you if the item has already been purchased & can direct you to other options available.
  • Non-specific Monetary Donation – you do not have a specific item you would like to purchase but instead simply want to make a donation towards the event. These donations will be compiled and then split evenly amongst all the teachers. They can then use those funds to purchase items on their wish list.
  • School families – please mark the envelope as “Teacher Wish List” and turn it into the school office.
  • Parish Community – please mark the envelope as “Teacher Wish List” and put it in the collection basket or drop it off to Marian Rottinghaus at the parish office.
  • Please make checks payable to “SPPS PTO”. If you make a cash donation and would like a receipt or would like a donation statement sent to you for tax purposes please contact Jill Hammes and she will be happy to assist you.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful teachers educating our children.  They truly love and care about their students and often sacrifice time away from their own families for the betterment of our students, school & community.  We hope you find this event a fun and beneficial way to say “Thank You!” for all that they do through the year.  Thank you for your continued support of our school and have a blessed & Merry Christmas!



Jill Hammes, President                                 Kristin Tangeman, Vice President

Molly Strathman, Secretary                        Tisha Hermesch, Treasurer

Pre-School – Mrs. Aimee Rottinghaus

24 large Baby Food jars

24 flameless tea light candles — $19.99

Elf on the Shelf Kit — $29.99

Reading A-Z subscription — $99.95 (1year)

Gift Card – Ray’s Apple Market

Kindergarten – Mrs. Christina Lierz

Really Good Shapes — $10.99

Swingline Easy View 3 Hole Punch — $23.99

Black Line Master Decodable Readers — $90.00

Gift Certificate to Teacher’s Pay Teachers website — $25 increments available

Gift Certificate to Ray’s Apple Market

Gift Certificate to VS Variety Store

1st Grade – Mrs. Briana Uphaus

Scholastic Books for Classroom — $10 donations

Christmas Tree for Classroom — $25 donation

Privacy Shields (set of 24) — $75.00

Privacy Shield Storage Container — $29.99

Gift Certificate to Ray’s Apple Market

Gift Certificate to VS Variety Store

 2nd Grade – Mrs. Julie Lierz

We currently have 1st Communion preparation videos on VHS tapes and would like to upgrade to DVD’s as the tapes are wearing out:

“A Child’s First Penance” (with Fr. Jim Deiters) $36.99 “A Child’s First Communion” (with Fr. Joe Kempf) $36.99

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate – $25 increments available

Oriental Trading Gift Certificate – $25 increments available

Ray’s Apple Market or Seneca Thriftway Gift Certificate

Brain Pop Jr. Subscription — $99.00 (1year)

2nd Grade – Ms. Gina Ronnebaum

IPEVO Point 2 Document Camera — $69.00

3rd Grade – Mrs. Tamera Steinlage

10 Math Flash Cards Sets  — $14.95 ea.

2  Math Stacks Classroom Sets — $39.95 ea.

8  Math Stacks Geometric Shapes (Grades 3-5) $6.95 ea.

8  Math Stacks Geometry (Grades 3-5)  $6.95ea.

4  Math Stacks Money (Grades 1-2)  $6.95 ea.

8  Math Stacks Multiplication & Division (Grades 3-5)  $6.95 ea.

4  Math Stacks Place Value to Millions (Grades 3-5)  $6.95 ea.

4  Math Stacks Time (Grades 1-2)  $6.95 ea.

4th Grade – Mrs. Michelle Haverkamp

4  Chair Pockets (sets of 6) – keeps students organized — $45.00 ea.

2  Non-magnetic Whiteboards (sets of 12) — $32.00 ea.

Wrap Around Math Games  — $24.99

Boost Comprehension! Small-Group Teaching Centers — $49.99

Giant Magnetic Lined Page – write & wipe page to demonstrate writing concepts — $22.99

Blue Hills Studio Storage Cart – stores reading group supplies — $50.00

TOPS Standard Easel Pads – used to make anchor charts in the classroom — $31.00

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate — $25 increments available

5th Grade – Ms. Cynthia Haugsness

10 drawer Mobile Organizer Cart — $70.00

Scissor Caddy w/24 scissors — $39.88

3  Easel Pads — $23.00 ea.

2  Rubber Tack Strip 8ft. – used to display artwork by students — $25.00 ea.

Physical Education – Mr. Shannon Atwood

No Items Needed At This Time

Music – Mrs. Carol Rippe

Hand Sign Ladder – presents hand signs of the musical scale to children — $12.00

McGraw Hill “Share the Music” Series for the following grades are needed: 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th $100.00

Jr. High & Library – Ms. Rosalie Divelbiss

Gift Card from Barnes & Noble to purchase new books for the library

2  Classroom Scissors (12 set) — $11.99 ea.

24  Square Root Calculators — $5.00 ea.

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card — $25 increments available

Jr. High & Math – Mrs. Ashley Carlson

Study Island Math Website Subscription     $150-$200 (1 year)

4  Sharpies (extra fat chisel tip) — $6.00 ea.

4  Graph Paper (500 sheets per pkg.) $7.95 ea.

2  Clearview Rulers (12 pack) — $5.00 ea.

Jr. High Lang. Arts – Mrs. Allison Hermesch

Engage the Brain Games — $15.00

30 copies – “Lions of Little Rock” — $4.00 ea.

30 copies – “The Watson’s Go To Birmingham”  $4.00 ea.

Jr. High & Science – Mrs. Stacy Rethman

Iodine Solution (500ml) — $14.95

Vinegar – large gallon jug — $15.00

Wooden Rulers (set of 24) — $16.50

Visa Gift Card for purchase of Flinn Scientific Products for classroom lab assignments

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Lead Instructor:  Angie Hammes

27  New American Bibles from Soul Provider – the 2nd graders will use them in Atrium and take them home at the end of the year as their gift — $18.95 ea.

5 reams of white copy paper — $30.00

2 large bags of Cotton Balls — $5.00 ea.

2  packages of Q-Tips — $2.50 ea.

1 pack of Calligraphy Pens — $14.99

2 bags of Wheat Flour — $3.99 ea.

2 bags of Sugar — $3.99 ea.

1 Jar of Yeast — $6.50

3 pk. of Scotch Tape Refills — $8.49

5 Medium bottles of Elmer’s Glue — $2.00 ea.

Pack of 96  #2 Pencils — $16.95

School- Wide Needs – Mr. Todd Leonard

Donations towards new Religion Textbooks

Donations towards Technology Upgrades


Thank you for your continued support of our school!

God Bless You & Merry Christmas!


Please contact Jill Hammes at 785-294-1360 or 785-334-2448 if you have questions or need assistance with your donations.  Thank you!



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