SPPS PTO Stuff the Bus Event for the school

The SPPS PTO is hosting its 1st Annual Stuff the Bus Event for the school.  Parishioners can purchase items off of the list to help teachers enhance curriculum in their classrooms.

To print the list click the following link  Stuff The Bus 2014


Aimee Rottinghaus – Pre-school

“How Tall am I?” game – students learn visual estimation, size perception, measuring skills, matching skills ($13.95)

PowerClix — teaches students how to create a variety of models while teaching them the basics of science, construction, and engineering. ($79.95)

Play Clay™ Scented Dough – Set of 5-lb. Tubs — ($66.50)

Bucket of colored rice – for use in sensory table activities ($41.95)

Barrel of beads — A fantastic assortment of beads! Includes wooden beads, charms, and strings ($28.95)

Gift Card — Ray’s Apple Market orSeneca Thriftway

Plastic rainmaker — students can imitate the sound of rainfall ($16.95)

Artec Blocks — building blocks that can be connected in all directions ($39.95)

Magna Tiles– develops patterning, shape recognition, three-dimensional thinking, building skills, fine motor skills, and magnetic principles ($55.95)

20  Magnetic Whiteboards ($6.99 ea)

2    Rolls of Clear contact paper ($6.99 ea)


Christina Lierz – Kindergarten

Document Camera — used to project sharp, clear video for teaching ($69.00)

Gift Certificates –Ray’s Apple Market, Seneca Thriftway or Chamber of Commerce

Candy Land Game ($15.00)

3 curtain rods for game cabinet ($5.99 ea)

10 boxes gallon size Ziploc Bags ($4.50 ea)

10 boxes storage size Ziploc Bags ($4.50 ea)

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate (www.teacherspayteachers.com)


Briana Uphaus – 1st Grade

Word Spacers – fun-to-use writing tool makes it a cinch for students to master proper spacing    Set of 30 ($14.99)

Decomposing Numbers Addition Fluency Puzzles — develops skills in operations & algebraic thinking and mental math strategies ($19.99)

Sight Word Bingo Games — Play bingo with everyday sight-words kids need to know! ($29.99)

Number Line Activity Chart — number line showing any sequence of numbers from 1 to 120, so children can count by ones, practice skip-counting by fives…and more ($49.99)

Document Camera — used to project sharp, clear video for teaching ($69.00)

Bingo Games Learning Library — each game targets a different concept—from letters and sounds to numbers and operations—so kids get plenty of hands-on practice ($95.00)

Math Game Libraries — develops skills in counting & cardinality, number & operations in base ten, operations & algebraic thinking, place value, measurement & data, and geometry ($129.00)

Read-Along Listening Center — sturdy wooden center comes with an 8-station junction box with individual volume controls, plus 8 sets of adjustable headphones that fit onto the center—all with washable ear cushions and wipe-clean vinyl headbands that keep their shape year after year. Plus, there’s plenty of extra space to store your read-along materials and books inside! ($179.00)

Books on Wheels Mobile Library — store and organize tons of books ($249.00)


Julie Lierz – 2nd Grade

Music for the Mind — a collection of beautifully-orchestrated compositions that improves cognitive thinking and enhances mental performance.    Set of 6 CD’s ($69.00)

Engaging Mathematics – Geometry, Data Analysis & Probability ($29.00)

Engaging Mathematics – Numbers & Operations and Algebra ($29.00)

Teacher’s Book “How to Write a Story” Grades 1-3 — series lessons and activities teach students valuable story-writing skills ($13.00)

Sticker Sets – Seasons & Holidays ($11.00) Holiday Celebrations ($11.00) Motivational Sticker Pack ($15.00)

Gift Card from Oriental Trading Company – to be used on stickers, incentives, student Christmas gifts – www.orientaltrading.com (cards are offered at $25.00 & up)

Gift Card from Teachers Pay Teachers websitewww.teacherspayteachers.com – to be used for downloading writing activities, art projects, etc.


Tamera Steinlage – 3rd Grade

30 Daily Comprehension Journals — filled with fiction stories, nonfiction passages & kid-friendly poems, this journal helps students develop reading comprehension skills every day of the school year! ($3.99 ea)


Gina Ronnebaum – 4th Grade

Phonics Learning Center — Students build and sound out tons of words with a skill-building phonics center that lets them work at their own pace ($29.99)

Using Sight Words Learning Center — students master sight-words with a skill-building learning center that lets them work at their own pace ($29.99)

Sequencing — students master sequencing with a skill-building learning center that lets them work at their own pace ($29.99)

Ending Sounds — children get super-involving practice with ending sounds with a ready-to-use activity center ($29.99)

Short Vowels — kids master short vowels with a ready-to-use learning center that helps children build skills independently ($29.99)


Michelle Haverkamp – 4th Grade

Pick-A-Problem Math Warm-Ups — great for daily warm-ups, extra practice, math centers and more ($29.99)

Place Value Interactive Banner — students will gain confidence in identifying place values and reading numbers aloud. ($30.00)

Small Group Non-Fiction Comprehension Folders, Grades 3-4 — designed for up to 6 students at once, this skill-building set covers a variety of important nonfiction text structures, such as cause & effect and compare & contrast. Students discover level-appropriate passages loaded with fun facts, photos, illustrations & graphics to keep interest high and increase nonfiction comprehension ($39.99)

Find the Evidence Clips – book clips used by students to locate evidence in text ($19.99)

Board Games for “Inside” Recess Days – Sequence ($20.00); Apples to Apples Junior ($12.00); Battleship ($15.99); Dominoes ($20.00); Scrabble ($16.99)                     (gently used items accepted as well)

Assorted Recess Balls – Footballs, soccer balls and kick balls                                  (gently used items accepted as well)


Cynthia Haugsness – 5th Grade

Deluxe Rainbow Fraction Circles — visually shows fraction equivalences and how to compare and construct fractions, work with mixed numbers, and subtract fractions with this deluxe kit. ($99.95)

AngLegs Classroom Basics — students study polygon heights, calculate area and perimeter, and find center points. Enough materials are provided for an entire class to explore plane geometry and measurement. ($84.95)

Kagan Club Membership – access to online library of education materials. 1 year ($24.99)


Ms. Divelbiss – 6th-8th & Library

2 Reference Racks – holds printed materials in upright position & at eye level.  ($50.00 ea)

30 The New American Bible – bibles for use by Junior High Students ($6.95 ea)

5 The Young Readers Bible – bibles for the library   ($11.96 ea)

6 sets of Holy Trader Cards – illustrates the Saints of our Church, promotes them as a role model, includes biography and interesting facts.  Ideal for classroom use on a daily basis. ($11.95 ea or $72.00 for all 6 sets)


Mrs. Hermesch – Lang.  Jr. High

Take Five! Language Arts book – 180 Bell Ringers that promotes critical thinking by students ($23.95)

Boggle Game ($19.99)

30 Student Privacy Dividers (2.99 ea)      (set of 10 $24.99) or (30 for $75.00)

30 “Holes” ($5.00 ea)

30 “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”      ($5.77 ea)

30 “Indian in the Cupboard” ($4.50 ea)

30 “The Upstairs Room” ($6.30 ea)

30 “Summer of the Monkeys” ($6.30 ea)

10 “Diary of Anne Frank” ($3.65 ea)

10 “Hatchet” ($4.51 ea)

10 “Island of the Blue Dolphin” ($3.95 ea)

10 “The Giver” ($4.28 ea)

Brain Pop Subscription– educational website subscription used by all Jr. High teachers provides lessons, videos, quizzes, movies, games, high-interest reading and activities covering Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering & Technology, Health, and Arts & Music.   1 year ($220.00)


Ashley Carlson – Math  Jr. High

Infinite Math Software – used by middle school math students to tailor assignments to fit student needs. This allows those who need to work at a slower pace or faster pace to be pushed to their individual potential.       ($300 one time purchase)

Elmo Document Camera – for all Jr. High teachers – simply place any book/object underneath and it will project onto the board ($630.00)


Ms. Rottinghaus – Science  Jr. High

Ms. Rottinghaus is building a non-fiction science library for the students. Students will be reading these books for credit in her class.

“Girls Research! Amazing Tales of Female Scientists” ($24.95)

“How to Make a Planet” ($9.99)

“The Sun and the Earth” ($34.99)

“Your Digestive System” ($23.99)

“Your Respiration and Circulation” ($24.99)

“Amazing Animals” ($22.95)

“Achoo! The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read About Germs” ($14.95)

“A Black Hole is Not a Hole” ($18.95)

“First to Fly: How Wilbur & Orville Wright Invented the Airplane” ($21.99)

“Burp! The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read about Eating” ($11.95)

“Case Closed? 9 Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science” ($12.95)

“Crime Science: How Investigators Use Science” ($12.95)

“Isaac Newton” ($15.95)

“Temple Grandin: How the Girl who Loved Cows Embraced Autism” ($21.99)


Carol Rippe – Music

No Items needed at this time


Mr. Atwood – Physical Education

Regulation Volley Ball Net ($100.00)

Volley Ball Cart ($135.00)


Mr. Leonard – School-Wide Needs

Donations towards new Religion Textbooks


Please contact Jill Hammes at 785-294-1360 or by email at jjhammes@hotmail.com if you would like to donate items to a classroom. You may also see/print this list from the church website at:







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