Church Renovation May 2013

May 1, 2013 . . . . . . . .

The Church Renovation continues into the last month of the projected finish work of the renovation.   Today on the outside of the front of the Narthex a worker was doing finish work on the arch of the Narthex.

Inside of the church the main scaffolding has all been removed now and the painting and finish work of the church interior can be seen more clearly now.  Certain areas of a movable scaffolding is still being used.   The wood on the choir loft is finished as can be seen.

The lower walls have been painted and more  tile has been put down on the east floor area now.  The wall pillars have all been painted and are completed now.

More work continues on the main Altar today.

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May 7, 2013 . . . . . . . Church Renovation Update

There continues to be some finish work on the outside of the Narthex. 
They are still working some on the arch of the Narthex.   Lights have been put up on the walls at the entrances of the Narthex.   There is a push button in place for a wheel chair entrance into the west side of the Narthex.

Entering into the Narthex workers are seen working on the floor tile in the entrance to the church proper and several different areas inside  the church.   The carpet for the church is lying in the Narthex.   The wood railings are up going to the basement of the Narthex and in the basement room the carpet has been laid.

Coming into church from the west entrance; photos were taken today from the entrance way (only) as workers are working on getting the tile down in many different places in church.  A few photos were taken of the front of the church and altars.   One photo shows that the wood railing is in place on the side of  the ramp (on the east side)  going up to the altars.

The painters have finished their work in the church and left last week.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.

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Tuesday,  May 14, 2013   . . . . . . .Church Renovation Update

Outside work today being done:

The Beatitudes Monument is being moved back to an area in front of church.

The front top cement step and cement entry way to the Narthex I was told needs to be replaced.   During the last rain the water pooled on top and did not run off as expected.  This could be dangerous in the winter time.   So the cement entry way is being redone. 

The sidewalks in front of the school and parish office are being prepared  today as they will pour the cement tomorrow.

Inside of the Church:     Much progress has and is being made.

The tile and carpet have been laid.      They are setting in the pews today.         On the altars, the statues are back in place.         The stations of the Cross are all back on the walls again.        The new sanctuary lamp has been uncovered now for all to see.


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Thursday,  May 23,  2013 . . . . . . .

Entering the Parish grounds today here is what it looks like.    Leveling work is being done on  the ground grass area and some landscaping around the Narthex and church has been done.    The grotto has been removed from its former spot and the Blessed Mother statue and angel are being moved at this time.   The top step in front of the Narthex has been changed and repaired.   The side walk on the east side is finished.

Inside the church entering thru the Narthex there are two TV’s on the wall and two of the small pews from the former pews are placed in the Narthex.   The small west room of the Narthex in a bathroom and the small east room is  a changing room for the priests and servers.

Entering the church proper is seen that the new pews are all in place;  the carpet is on the steps going up to the balcony on both sides.  Both small rooms under the balcony are closed in on the east side and west side.  

Up near the altar there is a finished ramp on the east side going up to the altar area.   The baptismal font area is in place on the east side.    On the west side pews are in place there as before.  A couple of photos were taken of the back of the church from the altar area.   Fr. Arul and two helpers were checking today on the progress of the renovation.

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MAY 27,  2013  . . . . . . . .

 Today work was being done around the outside of the church with the new irrigation system being installed  and checked out.


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