Regional Mission at Sabetha, Kansas

Regional Mission at Sabetha, Kansas . . . . . . . April 16th and 18th, 2013.

Here is some information on the Regional Mission that will be held at Sacred Heart Parish in Sabetha, to celebrate this Year of Faith.

The Regional Missions are meant to serve the parishoners of several parishes besides the one hosting. Specifically, the mission at Sacred Heart is being advertised in the following parishes: Sacred Heart (in Baileyville), St. Patrick (in Corning), St. Augustine (in Fidelity), St. Bede (in Kelly), St. Vincent de Paul (in Onaga), St. Mary (in St. Benedict), Sts. Peter and Paul (in Seneca) and St. James (in Wetmore)

The format of the Regional Mission at Sacred Heart is comprised of 2 evenings, Tuesday April 16th and Thursday April 18th, both at 7 pm, and will be offered by one of the Apostles of the Interior Life and by a team of lay people that have been receiving a specific formation on the charism of the Interior Life.

The evenings will unfold as follows:

  1. Opening song
  2. Reflection on a passage of Scripture given by one of the missionaries.
  3. Witness of another missionary
  4.  20 minutes for silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (preferably exposed on the main altar)
  5. Closing prayer and blessing.
  6.  Q&A session on the evening’s topic.


Tuesday night Sr. Raffaella Cavallin, from the Apostles of the Interior Life,  will present the talk “A call to Holiness and to Prayer “, followed by the witness of a lay person.

Thursday night the talk “A call the Eucharist and to Conversion ” will be presented by a lay person, followed by the witness of another lay person.

On Thursday night there will be the possibility for individual Sacramental Reconciliation starting right after the witness talk. Since the people attending will be coming also from the neighboring parishes,  the hosting Pastor was asked to organize all the priests of the parishes attending the regional mission at Sacred Heart to be available to hear Confessions that night.


Each Catholic household of the Archdiocese should have received in the mail a postcard designed to increase awareness among the Catholics about the Year of Faith and the Regional Missions.

  • The year of faith is a special call for each of us to draw closer to the Lord through 3 simple steps: love, learn and live your faith.
  • To fulfill the first invitation, to love our faith, we are all invited to attend the Regional Parish Mission led by the Apostles of the Interior Life and their team at Sacred Heart Parish in Sabetha on April 16th and 18th.
  • Let us all make an effort to attend the evening talks that are designed to make us appreciate this tremendous gift of faith that we have received. The mission is regional, meaning that it is not just simply “opened up” to parishioners of neighboring parishes, but it is designed for the parishioners of all the Catholic Churches in our area.

In review:

During this Year of Faith, our Archdiocese is offering an opportunity for each of us to draw closer to the Lord through 3 simple steps: Faith: love it, learn it and live it.

Our Parish has been invited to team up with some neighboring parishes by participating in the Regional Parish Mission led by the Apostles of the Interior Life and their team held at Sacred Heart in Sabetha.  

The mission will be held at 7 pm on Tuesday April  16th and Thursday April 18th

Designed specifically for the laity, this mission helps participants build prayer into their busy lives by offering opportunities for fellowship, prayer and quiet reflection before the Blessed Sacrament.

The evening begins with music and a Scripture passage reading, followed by presentations on strengthening your relationship with God through prayer. Next, time is dedicated to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, with a final prayer to close the evening. After the conclusion, participants are invited to join the question-and-answer discussion session. To help continue growing their faith lives, participants will receive a free copy of Fr. Jacques Philippe’s book on prayer “A Time for God”.

Please consider attending.

Sister Raffaella Cavallin from the Apostles of the Interior Life sent this DVD “Chiara Corbella”   to be viewed as a testiment of faith during this year of faith.

Sister Raffaella asks that Sts. Peter & Paul parishioneers watch this video as an introduction and preparation for the Parish Mission.   Please click on the following attachment to watch this video.


If you would like to learn more about the Apostles of the Interior life, check out their NEW WEBSITE at .


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