Church Renovation April 2013

April 3,  2013 . . . . . . . Church Renovation Update

Photos taken outside of the Church Narthex.   Scaffolding is up and the workers are painting the trim of the Narthex.   They are using dark paint as an undercoat and light paint over the dark to finish it off. 

  The cement work has been completed around the Narthex and the ground around the Narthex has been leveled off  and cleaned up.

Going inside the church from the west entrance the workers are seen still doing preparation work on the altar steps.   More photos taken show how the church inside looks at this present day.   The design work around the walls behind the altars are pretty well completed.  They are still doing design work on the walls around the church sides.   A couple photos were taken of the east and west area rooms in the back of church.   The plyboard has been removed from the stain glass window over the entrance from the Narthex.

In the Narthex, exit signs  and wall lights have been put up.   In the Narthex over the inside front entrance way one of the contractors was putting up a permanent design on the wall using glue, gold material strips and and a woman’s hose material.    He used the hose to gently buff away the excess gold material that was placed over the glue design.  He was left with a finished product of a beautiful gold permanent pattern of a cross entwined with a sword and a key.    Quite Beautiful when he was finished!

In the basement of the Narthex, work is continuing there with one big room and two smaller rooms down there.

Going back into the main church area a photo was taken of how it looks from the back of church and up close views of the workers at the main altar area.   Some of the finished design can be seen in some of the photos taken today.


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Thursday,  April 11, 2013. . . . . . . Church Renovation Update

Today is a cold, cloudy day and the outside of the Narthex looks good.   A nice surprise today was that the outside entrance doors to the Narthex were in place today and the front entrance was open.   Photo views of the front, east side and west side of the Narthex were taken today. 

Going in the front door of the Narthex and right inside to the right they have laid some of the floor tile.  They are putting the wood trim around the doorways and working on the doors to the smaller rooms off of the main room of the Narthex.   A glass partition  divider wall has been put in place  at the top of the stairs to the basement.   No photos were taken of the basement rooms today.

Going from the Narthex into the church proper reveals a big crew of men on hand today working to take down part of the scaffolding  in the church.  They are taking down the scaffolding over the balcony and will take some away from the front area of the church.

Photos show that the ceiling and the upper walls of the church are finished.   Extra lighting is being placed in the statue areas of the three altars.   A light was on in the west altar where the Blessed Mother statue will be put back into sometime. 

The design around the altar areas has been completed.   There is a mural above the main altar that is completed but difficult to view (now yet) because of the scaffolding blocking it from view.

The steps and the floor of the altar areas are almost finished with tile;  having been put down along with  a mosaic trim in the steps area.   Today the area is still considered wet and no traffic is wanted on the steps yet.

All the circle areas on the upper walls are completed and ready for the murals that are to be placed in them.

Different photo views of the inside of the church show a lot of the work has already been completed. 

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Friday,  April 12, 2013 . . . . . . .Church Renovation Update

Fr. Arul visited with the workers and contractors this morning in the church proper.   Most of the scaffolding was taken down yesterday.  Still a portion of the scaffolding remains.    More of the final finish work can be seen now as shown thru the photos taken today.    The workers are removing some of the old wood and putting new wood on the balcony front.    They are staining the pillars under the balcony.   Two of the men are taking a break from doing  the tile work that is being done on the floor.   The lights were on in the statue areas of the main altar this morning.   The mural over the main altar can be seen more clearly today.   Progress is very much being made.



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Sunday, April 14, 2013 . . . .Church Renovation Open House 2-4PM

Many parishioners came this afternoon to view the renovation process that has been  done on the church, inside and outside,  to date.   Entering the main entrance on the south into the Narthex is open now.   Three photos were  taken of the basement of the Narthex,  one of these was of the ceiling to show all the duct work that has been put in place and much easier to get to in a large room than a crawl space if needed repairs are to be done in the future.

A few photos were taken in the Narthex but the main photos today were taken of the inside of the church.   The first group of photos were taken from the balcony.   Two of these photos were taken of the renovation of the upstairs in the balcony area showing both sides of the organ with areas of steps which is new.  (This area housing insulation at this time). 

One of the refinished stations of the cross was hung to show everyone the finished work on it and how all the stations would look when finished.   An example of the mural of St. Paul was shown that will go on the high wall above the altars.   Window ledges are currently under repair.  

Many other photos were taken of those who came to see all the renovation done so far on the church to date.


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April 25, 2013 . . . . . . . . Church Renovation Update

Today outside of the church a group of men are working on the reconstruction of the sidewalks on the west side of church and in front of the parish house.

Some finish work is being done on the front of the arch of the Narthex.

Inside the church:   Some of the scaffolding is still up at the altar area and in the front area of church.   The two large murals are up and in place on the high walls over the altar area.   ( Beautiful )   Tile has been put down on the center aisle.  The murals of the Apostles are in place on the east side high walls and they are currently working on getting the west side murals in place.   The window seals are being worked on today to replace them.  All the wall pillars have been taped are are ready to be marblelized.  The entrance floor between the Narthex and the church proper has been tiled.



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