Church Renovation – March 2013

March 5, 2013 . . . . . .Church Renovation Update.

Inside the church proper the renovation continues.  The steps to the three altars are completed as built.   A lot of work now is being done on the lighting in the church.   The big lantern lights hanging from the ceiling  have been worked over to produce more lighting in the church.   A flood light is being added to the bottom of the large lights to produce more lighting.  The circle designs on the upper side walls are being started.  Pictures of saints will be placed in these circles and an individual light placed in the ceiling will be directed toward the saint to illuminate it.  Groups of three lights have been placed on the ceiling over the main altar for more lighting directed to the altar.  Under the balcony a dropped ceiling has been built and many lights have been put in place for lighting there.

The big doors to the Narthex from inside the church have been removed for now.  Drywall finishing is still being done in the Narthex.   Going down the steps to the basement of the Narthex a crawl space is noted for going under the church when maintaince is needed.

Outside photos of the three sides of the Narthex show that cement wall landscaping is being done but not completed.  Click on the photos for an enlarged view of the work being done.


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Friday, March 8, 2013 . . . . . . . Brick work is being done outside on the cement wall landscaping and entry ways into the Narthex.  The weather is supposed to be 60 degrees today.  Good day for bricking.

This photo failed to upload with the other seven photos taken today.  It gives a good view of the wall.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 . . . . . . . . . Church renovation Update

Today on the outside of the church some cement work is being done on the east side of the church.  This cement is being placed on the ground next to the church for protection of the church and ground area around the church  from rain run-off.   Some of the cement sidewalk areas are being repaired today, also.   On the west side of the  church and Narthex area the men are continuing to lay brick to that side to match the landscaping  they had done on the east side of the Narthex last week.

On the inside of the church a final coat of burgundy paint is being put on behind the altar to get it ready for the final design finish work.   Different experiments of painting are being done on the church walls and different templates are seen that will be used on the walls for finish design.   The area over the balcony has been painted and a lot of scaffolding is seen still up over the balcony area.  Workers were busy in that area yet above and below the balcony and doing general floor cleanup in the church.


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March 20, 2013 . . . . .Church Renovation Update

Outside Church Area:   Photo views of the Narthex outside front view and views of the east and west side views completed  to date as shown.   

Inside of the Church:  Front of the church:   Painting around the altar areas is continuing.  More painting has been done on the east and west walls of the church proper.

A view of the back of the church:  The finished design is done on both sides of the organ on the balcony ceiling, west side and east side.

The stain glass arch window has been removed from the entrance between the Narthex and the church proper.   It is currently being refinshed at this time.  The archway (photo) is vacant now and the stone on the floor (photo)  will go over the archway and the stain glass window will be put back in place with a new antique brown finish look.

One photo of the inside of the Narthex  shows one worker completing the final  coat of paint of fiberglass paint before the many finishing coats of paint can be put on. 

Returning to the front of the church:  The small round stain glass windows on the high upper east and west walls in front of the church (photos) have been refinished.   (And the stain glass window that is to go back into the archway that is being refinished at this time will have the same antique brown finish as these two windows.)

Two of the sound-speakers have been installed on the ceiling above the front area of the church.   They are suspended down by cables.  Two photos were taken of each of these two speakers but because of the scaffolding a full photo view was not possible at this time.


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March 26, 2013 . . . . . . .Church Renovation Update

PROGRESS !!!!   The Security Fence Around The Church And The Narthex Has Been Taken Away !!!!!!!!!! 

Cement work is continuing to be done outside the Narthex.

Outside photos taken today:  Photos start on the west side of the Narthex and continue of the front and of the east side of the Narthex and the east side of the church.   

Inside the church:  Going into the church from the west entrance two men are working on the floor around the altar area to ready the floor for putting down the tile.  Some painting continues at the altar area.  

Standing in the middle of the church a photo is taken of the complete front view of the altars at this time.   And turning  around is the view of the back of the church as it is now.  

Going into the Narthex scaffolding has been put up in the entire room area, west and east sides for work yet to be done.   A photo is taken of the view of the church coming back out of the Narthex.  Then turning around one can see in the photo the stone has been recently put in place over the archway.  (The patch work is still drying)   The stain glass window that has been repaired has been replaced into the archway.    (Antique work still needs to be done yet on wood of the stain glass window.)  A piece of plywood on one side of the stain glass window will be removed when all the patch work in the archway has been completely dried. 

Some of the photos taken today include some of the workers of the day.



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March 28, 2013 . . . . . . . . Outside church renovation update

It is a beautiful March day and Holy Thursday and the workers are taking advantage of the great weather and getting more cement work done around the Narthex.   Forms are being laid out for sidewalks and some of the sidewalk areas have been completed.   The steps were completed earlier.


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March 29,  2013 . . . . . . .  Outside church renovation update

It is Good Friday, a very nice warm day and the workers are pouring the cement for the side areas around the Narthex and the large cement area  in front of the Narthex.  These photos were taken at three different times during the day to show the progress being made.   The last photos show the end of the work day and the yellow caution ribbon has been put in place around the cement  work that was done today.



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