Church Renovation February 2013

February 1, 2013 . . . . . . . Much work continues to be done renovating Sts. Peter and Paul Church.   The main coat of paint (fiberglass paint) has been done on the ceiling and side walls of the main part of the church.  Area over the balcony has not been started yet.   Some experiments are being made on some areas of the walls at this time with the final colors to see which color is the right color wanted for the completed renovation.  The wall behind the main altar has been painted.  Photos taken today:   

5 photos are of the 3 outside views of the Narthex as it looks today.  

Inside:   Photos were taken quickly at randon in church.    

1 photo is of the Blessed Virgin Altar and  3  photos of the main Altar.  The wall behind the main altar has been painted.    

6 photos are taken of the construction work being done in the back area of the church under the balcony.   

4 photos are of the painting experiments being done on the wall to see which color is best suited for the projected color scheme of the finishing touches.   

2 photos show the inside of the Narthex with the drywall pretty much installed.


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February 6,  2013 . . . . . Church Renovation progress:

Photos taken today  were:      of the back of the church;   two areas over the balcony that are not started to be renovated yet at this time;  a  front view  of the altars;  and then several views of the upper walls and ceiling being painted with the finishing green trim.


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February 13,  2013,  . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ..  Church renovation project.

Photos taken today are  of the outside of all three sides of the Narthex.    The forms are being placed for cement work around the Narthex, sidewalks, etc.   Inside the Narthex work continues on the walls;   plaster work and sealing seams; setting in lighting.  From the back of church;  photos were taken of the three altars.    Some painting  has been done behind all three altars.   On the ceiling the paint work continues with gold trim being put on.   On the west wall one panel area looks like it has a finished area of design done.  Click on a photo for an enlarged view.


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February 17, 2013 . . . . . . . . Church Renovation Open House,    All parishioners were invited to an Open House of the Church Renovation Project today between 2 and 4 pm to view the progress that has been done on the church.  Members of the  Renovation Committee were on hand to show everyone the progress and to answer any questions some may have had.   Photos were taken of the Open House.   Entering the Narthex from the west door the 1st 6 photos were of the Narthex and the basement under the Narthex.   Both the Narthex and basement have the rooms established and the drywall put on.   Entering the church proper revealed a large turnout to view the progress so far on the renovation.   Many viewed the large framed  photo of what the church will look like when the work is complete.    The gold leaf design is being put on the ceiling.   The main altar has been raised and the steps to it are built. 

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February 28, 2013 . . . . . . . In the Church:  Over the three altars there are partical areas  of the finishing work  having been completed.  A plastic drape covers the main altar at present.  The finishing  design on the ceiling has been completed.  Looks great.  The men are currently working on repairs to the balcony area at this time.   In the Narthex:  The windows have been installed and they are  currently working on the doorways.





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