Church Renovation – My House of Prayer


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  • Gwen Schoolcraft

    I am 76 years old and have loved the Seneca church of my grandparents (Mr. and Mr. August Roeder) for most of my life.

    Please be careful of your renovation. The narthex will be wonderful on the inside, but it doesn’t really compliment the architecture on the outside, do you think? Just be careful of what you do to the inside in particular. In our parish they ripped out the Blessed Virgin’s altar to put in a handicapped door. It could have been done less obtrusively elsewhere. It makes you sick.

    Your church is wonderful Kansas Gothic. Don’t change the inside. I know the post Vatican II enthusiasts want to call side altars shrines, but keep them as they are. The Blessed Virgin altar, in particular, is exquisite. I think about it sometimes when I have trouble going to sleep. It is comforting for some reason. I love your church. Best wishes for the best liturgical and architectural consequences.

    Gwen Roeder Schoolcraft